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10 Excellent Providers of White Label Guest Posts

Working with a white label guest posts provider is a great way to deliver this service to your clients at a low cost and with minimal hassle.

However, this only works if the guest post provider is reliable. If they mess up, you’re the one who’ll have to explain what happened to your clients.

Reliable providers are what this list is all about. If you’re looking to start offering guest posts or are unhappy with your current white label partner, read on.

If you’re not sure what “white label guest posts” even mean, skip ahead. After the list, we’ve included a beginner guide section that goes over how white label agreements work, why they are a good idea, how you can decide if a guest post/backlink is worth the cost, and more.

With that out of the way, here are 10 white label guest post providers who have a solid track record.

1 – Invalley

Founded in 2010, Invalley.com is an outreach and link building agency that has accrued an impressive number of positive reviews from industry leaders over the years. Here are some of the main reasons to work with this agency:

Number of options: Invalley’s outreach team has access to over 500 different websites across a variety of languages and niches, making them a good choice for anyone looking to resell guest post services to a diverse roster of clients. Their site list includes big names like APnews.com, Yahoo.com, and more. You’ll be able to browse the full list after signing up for an Invalley account.
Reseller perks: Invalley offers plenty of support for those looking to resell their services. Resellers get a discount of up to 20% on bulk orders. And while other agencies will debrand their link reports for resellers, Invalley takes it an extra step. They will add your name and logo to the reports, so you can send them straight to clients. Finally, all of their placements are guaranteed — you’ll either get the guest post or get a full refund.
Value: There aren’t many agencies that can offer a DA92 guest post with a do-follow backlink for $199. That price includes content creation, which the agency also takes care of with the help of their team of US-based writers. Buyers are also able to both choose the site they want and review the content before it gets published.

Invalley also offers a variety of other link building services, including a monthly links package that bundles together both quality guest posts and other backlinks at a discounted price.

2 – The HOTH

“Hittem Over the Head” (HOTH) is a digital marketing agency that was founded in 2010. With over 1500 five-star reviews featured and on their site alongside an impressive list of successful case studies, The HOTH has plenty to show when it comes to its reputation.

Here are some of the reasons to choose The HOTH as a guest post provider:

Flexibility: The HOTH is an outreach agency, an SEO agency, and a PPC agency. And nearly all of those services are offered in white-label form. The result is a one-stop shop for your reseller needs.
Content creation: They provide the content for the guest posts. And their writing services can also be hired to produce blog posts and video content for your client’s website.
Managed services: Don’t know where your client’s guest posts should go? The HOTH team will choose for you based on the niche of the website, its domain authority, and its traffic.

The main downside of working with the HOTH is that their managed services solution appears to be the only option available. The buyer doesn’t get to choose where the content will be posted.

However, the agency does guarantee that they will never get you a guest post on the same website twice within six months.

3 – Stan Ventures

With over 10 years of experience in the market, Stan Ventures claims to be the #1 Indo-American white label SEO agency. And with over 50 writers and over 100 outreach specialists, the agency does have the numbers to back up that claim. Here are some of the advantages of choosing Stan Ventures:

Wealth of options: Stan Ventures has access to over 20 thousand websites spread around the globe, including sites in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the US.
Transparency: Once you place your order, you’ll get to choose where your link will be placed. You’ll then get to choose the topic of the article and you’ll be able to review the content before it gets published. If your client still isn’t happy after all that, Stan Ventures also has a money-back guarantee.

While the list of options available on Stan Ventures is impressive, that list stops at DA50+. If you want to make sure your backlinks will come from DA80 or 90+ websites, you will need to contact their team for a custom package.

4 – Page One Power

Page One Power has been in the market for over 12 years and it has built a solid track record. Here are some of this agency’s selling points:

Customized SEO package: Your customer journey at Page One Power starts by contacting one of their SEO consultants. That consultant will audit your website’s SEO performance, ask about your goals — or your client’s goals, in this case —, and put together a backlink strategy accordingly.
Ongoing support: You’ll be assigned a project manager after the work begins. And you’ll have regular calls and meetings with a project manager to stay updated on how the project is going. The team at Page One Power will also review campaigns quarterly, making adjustments as necessary.

While Page One Power is a solid option to consider if you’re price shopping, you will need to contact them to learn those prices. No values are disclosed on the company’s website. They do, however, offer a 10% discount to white label partners.


Founded in 2012, FATJOE is a link building agency that puts heavy emphasis on being a service provider for other agencies. Today they boast of working on various campaigns for over five thousand agencies around the world. Needless to say, they know how to make the life of resellers easy. Here are some of the perks of working with FATJOE as your white label guest post provider:

Accessible pricing: With options starting at $54 for a DA10+ guest post and $97 for a DA30+ guest post, FATJOE has a nice spread of options to accommodate clients with different needs and budgets. There are also bulk discounts available for both options.
Fast delivery time: Most service providers in this space promise to get a guest post live in 4 – 5 weeks. FATJOE promises delivery in 14 days. A couple of weeks doesn’t make a big difference in the grand scale of SEO, but it can help you impress your clients by having a report for them quicker.
Transparency: While you won’t get to review the content before it goes live, you will be able to track the progress of your campaigns on the agency’s dashboard. And FATJOE has a 100% money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.

As is the case with other options in this list, the biggest sticking point in FATJOE’s services is the lack of control. You won’t be able to review the content or choose where it will be published. Whether or not that is good or bad depends on how hands-on you want to be when reselling these services.

6 – Loganix

With over ten years of experience in the market, Loganix prides itself on being detail-oriented and offering excellent customer service. Here are some of the reasons to choose this agency as your white label partner:

Plenty of options: Loganix customer dashboard has a site list with over 5.000 different guest post opportunities across a variety of niches. Of those, over 2.000 sites are DA50+. The company also offers a variety of other white label SEO and link building services.
Reseller perks: On top of offering white label reports and a reseller discount, Loganix also gives resellers the option between choosing placements themselves or letting the agency choose which sites to build links from. You’ll get to be as hands-off or hands-on as you like.
Web tools: Loganix has a user dashboard where buyers can place orders and keep track of their progress.

Loganix offers two guest post packages: regular guest posts at $200 and premium guest posts at $300. Ordering individual sites off their site list can cost thousands of dollars per guest post.

7 – Seo.co

Seo.co is a Seattle-based SEO services provider founded in 2010. The agency emphasizes taking a data-based approach when helping clients. Here are some good reasons to choose this agency as your provider of white label guest posts:

Full-service provider:co offers more than just guest posting and link building services. The agency is also a white label provider of SEO audits, PPC services, content writing services, and more. Having all of these services provided by the same agency is usually easier than juggling various white-label providers.
White label pitch support: Their sales team is willing to get on a call with you and your client to discuss their SEO goals. And you can introduce the SEO.co representative as a member of your internal SEO team. They also offer a variety of other free services to help you pitch and close clients.
Price flexibility: While specific prices are not listed on the SEO.co website, the agency does make it clear that they can adapt to the budget of any given project. Your client will get their money’s worth whether their budget is $500 or $50.000.

Seo.co is a solid option if your goal is to build backlinks regularly. However, if your clients are looking to place a guest post on a specific website to reach a specific readership, there are probably better options on this list.

8 – NO-BS Marketplace

With six years of experience in the SEO space and plenty of positive reviews associated with its brand, NO-BS Marketplace is a solid option for anyone looking to outsource their guest posting services. Here are some of the agency’s selling points:

Longer articles: 500 words per article is the standard for most guest post providers. NO-BS Marketplace, however, offers 750 words per article, plus two stock images for every order.
White label support: NO-BS Marketplace resellers will be assigned a campaign manager, get access to a client dashboard, receive automated reports, and more.
Number of options: The agency works with over a thousand different publishers, giving them access to a large number of guest post opportunities.

Prices for a guest post with NO-BS Marketplace start at $130 for a post on a DA20+ website. Buyers who choose to provide their own content will get a discount.

9 – Click Intelligence

Click Intelligence is a UK-based digital marketing agency that has worked with businesses in a variety of niches over the years. Their case studies and positive reviews are a good showcase of how reliable this agency is. Here are some of the advantages of using Click Intelligence as a guest post reseller:

Control flexibility: Lots of other agencies let you choose whether or not to review the content and the links before they are published. But Click Intelligence may be the only option in this list that offers different pricing for both options, with steep discounts available for those who do not want to pre-approve the agency’s decisions.
Ongoing promotions: The Click Intelligence online store has a rotating roster of discount offers for various services. Even if you don’t choose this agency as your primary provider, that discount page is worth bookmarking so you can surprise your clients with unique deals on occasion.

Click Intelligence’s pricing starts at $63 for a DA20+ backlink, or $102 if you want to pre-approve the domains and the content before the guest post is published. The agency also offers an impressive roster of other digital marketing services for people looking for an all-in-one solution.

10 – Digital Web Solutions

Digital Web Solutions is a veteran of the digital marketing space. Founded in 2005, today the agency offers a variety of white label services related to digital marketing and link building, including guest post and PR outreach services. Here are some good reasons to partner with this agency:

Number of options: Digital Web Solutions has over 19 thousand websites in its growing database. This makes it easier for them to find niche-relevant guest post opportunities for even the most unique clients.
Blog management options: It’s easier to rank with blog content than with sales pages. If your clients are having trouble keeping their blogs updated, Digital Web Solutions offers white-label content creation and blog management services that you can resell.
Reseller support: On top of offering white-label reports and a money-back guarantee, Digital Web Solutions also helps resellers with SEO pitches, keyword research, SEO audits, and more. In short, they are willing to help you pitch and close clients.

Digital Web Solutions’ blog outreach pricing starts at $80 for a DA10+ website, with bulk order discounts available.

What are white label guest posts?

In business, a white label agreement is a type of outsourcing where your brand is all the client sees. In the context of SEO, this means that you will hire someone else to publish a guest post for your client, and that client will never have to know that a third party was involved.

All the reports and anything else involved in the placement will be de-branded before being sent to you. In some cases, agencies will even sign NDAs to ensure that they can’t tell anyone they are your white label supplier.

You can then add your logo to all the reports and get all the credit for the work done. Or you can let your client know you outsourced the task. And because everything involved with the service is de-branded, your client won’t be able to cut you out and hire your supplier directly.

While such a deal may sound strange on paper, in practice it is often good for all parties involved. Here’s why:

The seller (aka the white label provider) gets bigger demand without having to worry about marketing or client management;
The reseller (that’s you) gets to offer excellent work with minimal hassle, keep your clients happy, and get a cut of the profit;
And the client gets access to a good service without having to look for it or veto potential providers. And if you can negotiate a reseller discount, you can also pass those savings on to your client.

Why offer white label guest posts?

If you have clients looking to beat the competition in different search engines, then offering guest posting services is a must.

The importance of backlinks isn’t just hypothetical; Google has confirmed that backlinks are a ranking factor. And if that wasn’t enough, this 2020 report by Backlinko.com found that the #1 result in any given search had — on average — almost 4x more backlinks than the sites in positions 2 through 10. They also found a correlation between the number of referring domains and page rankings.

Guest posts are one of the best ways to get backlinks from various domains without relying on black hat tactics. And even if your clients are not interested in SEO, the potential gains from having a high ranking on different search engines are too big to ignore.

This Ahrefs article goes over the numbers. 68% of all online experiences start with a search engine. And among people looking to buy something, 53% of them say that they always run an online search before making a purchase. 70% of web users prefer reading blogs over traditional advertisements.

Ahrefs’ stats also show the potential for exponential growth for SEO. While only 5.7% manage to rank in the top 10 of any given keywords within a year of being published, the average ranking #1 page also ranks in the top 10 for almost a thousand other relevant keywords.

All of these are all arguments in favor of offering guest post services. But why white label them? Why not start an in-house content and outreach team and provide the service yourself?

One good reason is that white labeling gives you immediate access to a scalable solution. Large link building companies can deliver hundreds of guest posts a month — trying to match that output would require significantly increasing your team’s size.

Another good reason is access. As mentioned in the list, a typical white label guest post provider has access to hundreds if not thousands of webmasters across various niches. Building a database like that can take years, and some webmasters won’t even be open to working with a new player; they’ll prefer the reliability of collaborating with a more established agency.

How to make sure a guest post is worth the cost

There are two steps you need to take to make sure a backlink is going to aid your client’s SEO efforts. The first is to make sure the link is do-follow. You can check the difference between do-follow and no-follow backlinks in this guide.

The second step is to check the numbers. There are different metrics that SEO experts use to get a sense of how valuable a backlink from a given domain is. Common data points used include Domain Authority (DA), Monthly Organic Traffic, Spam Score, Number of Referring domains, and more.

You can find an explanation of what those metrics mean in this blog post. But as a general rule, a website with a DA above 30, a Spam Score below 10%, and at least a few thousand visitors a month is likely a healthy option for a guest post.

The best way to get updated SEO data related to different domains is to use SEO tools like SEMrush and Ahrefs. Some agencies, such as Invalley and Loganix, show that data on their site list to help buyers make informed decisions.

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