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3 major trends defining video conferencing industry growth

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The proliferating expansion of video conferencing industry is rather evident from the recent launch of Sync, a monitoring and management software by Logitech. Armed with an intent to help enterprises easily manage their video conferencing systems, Logitech’s entry in conference device management comes on the heels of discussions in meeting rooms shifting toward video modes. On the grounds of this paradigm shift, numerous video conferencing service providers have been striving to up their ante as far as product advancements are considered, thereby providing a positive impetus to video conferencing market size.

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Top 7 challenges of food and beverage industry to watch out for

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Tagged as one of the largest marketplaces of the 21st century, the food and beverage industry, in the last couple of decades, has truly come into its own. The last ten years specifically chart out a rather distinguished portrayal of the F&B space – the industry having undergone a spate of changes owing to ever-changing consumer demands and massive innovations. What comes to notice here is the rapid increase in the number of challenges of food and beverage industry.

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A glimpse into the intricacies of polymer concrete industry: ubiquitous sustainability trends to drive construction market contenders toward product adoption

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The recent Indo-U.S. agreement to build six nuclear power plants in India is irrefutably one of the most promising indicators signifying the enormous potential of the global polymer concrete industry. In essence, polymer concrete is widely used in the construction of nuclear power plants, industrial tanks, marine infrastructure and linear drainage systems due to its superior characteristics such as greater strength, durability and pliability, qualities that are increasingly in demand in the expanding global construction industry. Besides, polymer concrete is also becoming expansively popular due to its relative eco friendliness, a characteristic that is rarely found in construction products.

Animal vaccines industry to be largely influenced by rising investments in veterinary inventories, poultry products demand to favor the growth dynamics

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With the rising consumption of animal sourced food and increased focus on consumer health, the animal vaccines industry has witnessed a steady growth as far as product awareness and global demand are concerned. Growing number of household companions resulting from a surge in pet adoption has also influenced the need for highly-effective disease prevention remedies, since these animals are constantly in human contact. The latest and most enhanced veterinary vaccines are now more commonly accessible to not only skilled users such as farmers and zoo keepers but also inexperienced pet owners, along with proper guidance on how to administer them. Unpredictable outbreaks of viral and bacterial infections in livestock in different parts of the world will certainly fuel the expansion of the animal vaccines market.

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Transforming Trends of Advanced Polymer Composites Industry Outlined in light of Expanding Renewable Ecosystem

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Once secluded within the confines of the humongous polymers space, advanced polymer composites industry, in the last decade or so, has truly come onto its own. The ever-rising demand from manufacturers for more viable and high-performance materials has also strengthened the advanced polymer composites market growth, owing to the product’s broad application scope in automobiles and aircrafts. Benefits offered by these composites, including corrosion resistance and lighter weight as compared to conventional materials like metals and wood, have augmented their deployment in numerous industrial and consumer products.

Blockchain technology in healthcare industry: A nascent yet crucial parameter influencing the course of drug supply chain management

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Touted as the next revolution in medical space, the blockchain technology in healthcare industry is not only expected to bring major changes in the segment but can also completely transform the way business operations are performed. With broad applications of blockchain already identified across many other industries, health service providers are soon to adopt novel, more secure approaches for activities like billing, transferring and managing customer data, tracking drug shipment and reinforcing the integrity of clinical studies.

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How is e-mobility triggering electrical steel industry dynamics?

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Rapid urbanization and industrial development have considerably strengthened the electrical steel market, with advancements in production methods and new, innovative applications boosting the product demand. Consistent rise in construction activities and consumption of household appliances worldwide has increased the need for power generation and supply, requiring efficient material to be used in energy storage and transmission systems. The global electrical steel industry has seen augmented use in the production of transformer cores and electric motors, in which electrical energy has to be efficiently converted and distributed.

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Top 3 market trends prevalent in plant-based ingredients in Q1 2019

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With consumers making a transformative shift toward natural products, plant based ingredients market has generated quite a momentum in the food & nutrition ecosystem. Already having registered itself as a trillion-dollar business fraternity, the consumption pattern for this industry is anticipated to soar high in the coming short to medium run. In a recent turn of events, China released its revised dietary guidelines which focuses on cutting meat consumption in the diet and replacing it with plant based counterparts. The guideline comes on the heels of the obesity and diabetes pattern observed in the regional demography, which is indeed on the higher end.

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Vacuum pump industry trends to be majorly characterized by the escalating demand for positive displacement pumps over 2018-2025

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A vertical depicting astounding growth trends like few others perhaps, vacuum pump industry, despite having proved itself as one of the profitable business spheres, is still largely underrated among its peers in the global HVAC cosmos. Endowed with a vast application landscape, ranging from the medical domain to power plants and the food processing sector to heavy product manufacturing, vacuum pump market has time and again proved its mettle. Industrial vacuum pump manufacturers, in essence, have been tirelessly striving to expand the popularity of this vertical, and have lately met with immense success, impelling this business space further.

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Global prebiotics market outlook to be majorly characterized by rising R&D investments and state-of-the-art product launches, industry valuation to exceed USD 8.5 billion by 2024

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One of the most rapidly progressive verticals of the global nutrition space, prebiotics market has come a long way since its inception, having now emerged as a niche entity in itself. With the increasing consumer spending on food and beverage products, the global prebiotics market has been expanding at a steady rate over the last few years. A gradual rise in consumer awareness regarding the benefits of including fiber rich food in their diet has also tremendously popularized this industry.

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